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The welds are strong and professional, edges are clean and deburred, metal parts are substantial and robust, bolt holes line up the way they should. General Specialties UPM mounts are characterized by heavy-duty construction, ease of assembly, and are easy to adjust for seasonal tilt angle. If you have worked with other mounts, you can really appreciate the ease of adjustment that our solar panel mounts offer. The quality workmanship and engineering we put into every product truly does make a difference! Check out our ►Solar Panel Mounting Systems

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Solar Panel Mounts

While the current trend in manufacturing is to use lighter and cheaper materials and to cut corners in construction, we design our systems to the highest standards and we never scrimp on materials. We subscribe to the "Quality First" rule.

These mounts are designed to withstand 30 PSF which is approximately 90 – 100 mph winds in exposure C (wide open area). The safety factor for our steel structures is no less then 1.67. The safety factor for our aluminum members is no less then 3.25. By industry standards, these are heavy-duty mounts.

Our Service

Not only do we strive to manufacture a quality product, but efficient, timely and thurough service for both retail customers as well as wholesale distributors, contractors and installers, is a top priority. We will work with you to answer questions, solve problems, find creative alternatives and get the job done right and quickly. Since each of our mounts is custom made here in our shop, depending on the time of year, lead time on an order may be 1 to 4 weeks at most, but we will work with customers who are on a tight installation schedule.

Our Products

Don from Voodoo Solar says "When spending your hard-earned money on an array of expensive solar panels, the mounting structure is no place to cut corners. That is never a problem when you choose a General Specialties Universal Post Mount product. These are perhaps the very best top-of-post mounts available anywhere. Built right here in the Idaho Panhandle by a local craftsman, the support structure is of sturdy steel construction and the rails that connect to the panels are made from extra-heavy aluminum stock.

Each model is designed to handle the rigors of wind, ice and snow, with strength to spare. Each mount is built by hand, using special jigs to ensure that everything fits together the way it should. Fit and finish are excellent to ensure that the day you assemble it will be a happy one. Grade 5 and 8 bolts for the structure, and 18-8 stainless bolts for panel connections are provided." Read More >>

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